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Dr. Dhaarini Mohan

Dear All,

Education has come a long way from the local Madras to the present western education. The traditional teacher centric teaching was the best method even 10 years back while now there is so much buzz about student centric approach in education. Every school now is talking more about technology than about teacher- student relationship .Most of us are aware that only this bond between the teacher and the taught actually plays a vital role in learning than any other external factors. While technology and other external infrastructure can aid and assist in teaching, it is only the man power which becomes most vital even in deciding and implementing technology in the class rooms. If parents and students start depending so much only on technology to market education then “ Google “ will become the gurus of tomorrow and no youngsters of today will ever ape any teacher because teachers only will be teaching “ On Line” or on “Wats App” and “Hang outs.”

In Sunshine, Education is just not getting marks and awarding degrees, education is very comprehensive including enhancing of knowledge, making use of one’s potential to the maximum, helping children to survive happily and being content in this competitive world .Education has the objective of teaching for the future, while both the taught and the teacher does not know what the future holds. The student who is now in class 1 will go to meet the outside world in another 15 years and in this changing world, 15 years is too long a time for anything not to change. We are actually teaching what we learnt yesterday to what may happen tomorrow, which is very scary because tomorrow is totally un- predictable. Hence teachers teach student to adapt to the changing world and face the problems critically and to apply what is taught in the class rooms in real life situations.

Education in Sunshine is to start not with the blooms taxonomy from understanding to Creativity, but to start with the top to bottom approach. Children are inertly creative, So we try not curb this creativity and to let it flower and bloom, let them think divergent, meaning there can be more than one correct answer, why there can be even 40 answers and all 40 being right in their own way. Teachers here are following a totally different approach of educating kids based on creativity and innovation. Motivation is one thing that is lacking for the kids to come to school and this can be achieved if we teach education aesthetically so that they reach euphoria in reading and learning. In Sunshine, instead of calling children as hyperactive and restless, the mind is made more aesthetical not anesthetic, Divergent, not convergent. In our school, while subjects like Math and Science is given importance, so are subjects like Social , Language, Arts, Music, Dance Theatre. Physical Education, Yoga and Health are also given as much or even more importance than Math or Science.

Thus in Sunshine your children go through an education process that enhances over all development of both the left and right brain. An Education, which starts with the Blooms taxonomy of Creativity down to understanding, an education that is just not within the four walls of the class room but is a process that is lifelong. The need for this hour is just not an educational evolution but a very serious Educational Revolution.