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A child’s first step, first word, first school are milestones that remain etched in every parent’s heart. At Sunshine Chennai Sr. Secondary School your child will enter the world of Letters to take great strides towards success in life. The remarkable and enduring experience here will equip your child with all the skills that will lead him / her to great achievements in life.
Sunshine Chennai Sr. Secondary School has grown in stature and maturity enabling it to tap the talent and potential of every child in the past 5 years. In academics and in personally growth, your child is in safe hands of professionally trained teachers. Perseverance, patience and loving nature of our teachers will give your child the feel of home away from home.
Since its inception in July 2010, Sunshine Chennai Sr. Secondary which started with one child is now housing around seven hundred adorable students ranging from 5 yrs to 15 yrs of age. We believe that each child has a talent or potential that earns for expression and recognition.

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Dr Dhaarini Mohan,

Education has come a long way from the local Madras to the present western education. The traditional teacher centric teaching was the best method even 10 years back while now there is so much buzz about student centric approach in education.

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CCA – EVENTS (2016 – 2017)

Winners of CCA Excellence Award for Most Effective Training Programme Patricia will share her intent to professionalise the contact centre and create a career


Details and photos of festivals celebrated across primary and secondary sections in Sunshine School for Children.Inspite of having a strong urge to dance, many of us feel so shy that we restrict it to our rooms.


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